Week 13

I would like my audience to consider that there are a lot of beautiful places that they can visit. Even if they do not have the time, they can take the time to learn a little history or fun facts about a specific place. They can show others or people who’ve been there, so others can comment about their experience at that specific place and tell personal antidotes if they want to share. My audience can reblog or use other social media sites to say “Hey! check out this travel blog” or something similar. I don’t really mind how people share my blog as long as they are interested in the content and are willing to comment about their own experiences because I love reading about other people’s travel stories.


Week 9

My blog fits in with blogs with similar topics to mine because we all post about different places people travel to or places bloggers themselves have traveled to. We all post pictures and a description of why this place is a great place to travel to, some facts about the place, and the history as well.  Although I just started mine and I do not have too much compared to some other blogs, it is definitely similar in those aspects. I am not sure if other travel blogs do this, but when I post about a specific place, I like to add an interesting fact that people do not know about to make the place I am talking about more interesting for readers. So I guess in that sense I can add to the conversation and how my blog is a little different than other travel blogs. Also, most travel blogs are people who have traveled there but since I am still a student, I do not have a lot of time to go to all these places, so instead I research it and find a nice picture to go with it which is also different than other blogs as well.

Powerpuff yourself

puffFor this week’s assignment we had to either peanutize yourself or Powerpuff yourself. I decided to go with powerpuff girls. I had fun playing around with it and putting different accessories and clothing on her. I saw this trending on facebook and everyone was doing it but I thought it was kind of dumb so I never played around with it until we had to do it as an assignment for class. Haha. I think I went through most of the choices before I picked out what I wanted. But in the end it got a little boring so I just went with whatever. I think the hair matches me okay and aviators because I wear aviators often. I also love dogs which is why I chose the dog. The shirt I went with anything and the pants as well. When it got to backgrounds, I think this one is pretty cool. Overall, it’s interesting someone would create stuff like this for people to create characters out of. I don’t know, I don’t really have much to say about this. animated

Fair Use Checklist

Link to pic

I think this picture relates to my blog because the guy in the picture is ‘seeing the world,’ and my blog is about traveling. The picture I chose really represents my blog because everyone who loves traveling wishes to see the world and the guy in the picture is standing on top of a mountain looking at the beautiful scene. The first thing I would check off on the list if ‘research’ because I am researching about different places when I make a new post. I do not know everything about all the places I post about and I have not been to every place I post about, which is why I consider this blog ‘research’ as well. I am learning at the same time. Next, I would check off is “no significant effect on the market or potential market for copyrighted work.” Choosing this picture really has no effect on that because I am just using the picture to show my audience how beautiful it is to explore amazing new places. It just adds more aesthetic to my blog and posts. I am also not really gaining anything if I put this picture on my blog except maybe a few followers.




I decided to choose this meme for my blog because in my eCollege post I mentioned that the ‘doge’ meme was my favorite. This is one of them. I think he is so cute and the look he is giving is hilarious. This meme reminds me of my late dog and the expression he used to give when looking at someone. I also like this caption because it says ‘much excite’ but he does not look very excited. This meme reminds me of myself as well, because I will be excited for something but my facial expression does not show it. Instead, I look uninterested, unhappy, and angry. But I swear on the inside I feel excitement, haha. “Travel soon, much excite” is perfect for my blog because my theme is about traveling and who love to travel are always trying to go to a new place they have never been before, especially myself. A lot of people are familiar with this meme so it will definitely catch some eyes if people come across my blog, which will help with promoting my blog as well. If people are familiar with something, they are more inclined to read and follow it.

Unit 8

Trying to gain an audience for a freshly made blog an be difficult, especially because there a lot of blogs on traveling that are better than mine. A good way to promote my blog in my opinion would be to use Instagram. A lot of people post travel photos whenever they travel and tag #travel #plane #food, etc. And if someone posts a screenshot of my blog and tags #travel in the comment section, then whenever people look at the hashtag #travel, they would see an instagram post about my blog and possibly click on it or go to it. It would also be intended for people that are interested in traveling as well. Instagram organizes posts well because of their hashtags and when people hashtag their posts, they sometimes gain more followers as well because they are aiming for their desired audience. If people are interested in traveling, they will most likely look at #travel, and if my blog is there, I will gain some public knowledge and an audience for my blog. I think Instagram is a great way to promote yourself or blogs, a lot of makeup gurus do it as well, so I can definitely promote using Instagram.


Here is the link to my screencast https://youtu.be/rdu5c9sTaso

Overall, this assignment wasn’t difficult. I didn’t have any problems with it. I went on WordPress and looked at their featured blogs and saw one on traveling so I clicked on it. I enjoyed the blog I talked about a lot, they had a lot of posts about different places to go and it was neatly organized in a way that it was easily accessible. Even if you did not know how to use a blog, you could definitely figure out how to navigate that one. I was slightly confused on how to upload it to wordpress though because apparently you can not upload a mp4, so I tried to upload it to Google Drive but when I tried to play it it said video doesn’t exist. So I ended up uploading it to youtube as ‘unlisted’ and put the link above. I’m not sure what else to write because this was the easiest of all our other assignments. On the other assignments, I had some trouble but this one I had none. I’ve used screencast before as well so I had previous experience.

Place to Visit #4

The fourth place to visit is the Great Wall of China. I haven’t been there yet but I would love to go some day. There is so much history behind it and visiting it is something I want to experience in the future. This man made wall is over 5,000 miles! Over a million people have died building the great wall and bodies have been found by archaeologists beneath different parts of the wall. Over 10 million people visit the great wall every year, make sure you’re one of them next year ! 🙂 Happy traveling everyone.



Click to Listen

I tried to open Garageband on my laptop and realized I got rid of it because I never used it, so I had to re-download it. I had a lot of trouble at first because I am unfamiliar with this application, I searched up how to use garageband on Google. The two tracks I used was Sous Le Ciel De Paris by Yves Montand because when I heard this song it made me feel like I was actually standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The second song I chose is Runaway by Galantis because recently I’ve been loving this song. Uploading these two songs were not difficult, but trying to figure out how to cut the song and have it fade out and the other song fade in was a challenge. I played around with it for 15-20 minutes until I figured out that the little beads below each song can control fading in and fading out. Once I got that down, I had to figure out how to record my introduction and have the song play in the background while I was talking. I stopped this assignment until a couple of days later. I had to also Google how to create a voiceover and it told me to create a new project–Podcast. So I did, I figured out how to export it as an MP3 and add it back into my original project. After I did that, I played around with the fading in and out to get it to the right sound I wanted. It still does not sound as good but I just started learning how to use Garageband. I think for my first time I did a decent job. It is an interesting application to use and I think I will definitely use it again for fun and not just for class.